We have a well-stocked Pro-Shop with clubs and equipment available in store from leading manufacturers.

Our Golf Professionals are experienced in helping players choose clubs and equipment that is ideal for them and will enhance their game at all levels.

If we do not have the specific club that you need it can normally be delivered to the shop the following day.

Our experienced team can then set up the fitting of the club for you.

Should you need to look at a wider range of clubs and equipment you can buy directly through Kevin Flynn’s on-line store and the purchased item can be delivered  to the Pro-Shop for fitting.

Equipment Advice and Club Fitting

Our PGA professionals Tom Phillips and Phillip Bryden have a vast knowledge of Golf equipment. So, if you are looking at changing shafts in a driver, or being fitted for the correct loft and lie Tom and Phillip will look after all your needs.
The academy ensures that all players are fitted with the correct tools by using the number 1 fitting tool ‘Trackman’.
Club fitting ensures the length of the club is suited to your height as well as the loft, the lie, the shaft, and the grips. Making the right adjustments will allow a golfer to make contact with the ball easier while swinging and have their club’s match their swing style. 

Tournerbury Golf Pro Shop
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